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What’s the crack with Demba Ba?

One of the players of the season for Newcastle united this term has to be the Senegalese striker Demba Ba. With 16 league goals he has got the best stats for a Newcastle striker in the top flight of English football since Alan shearer for Newcastle.

However, rather than enjoying this and the prospect of playing in Europe in the next season, the supporters are having to endure a nervous wait as to whether the striker will still be at the club come August 18. One important thing that is against the club is that, Ba has a release clause in his contract, brought to the attention of whole sporting world by Mr. Harry Redknapp (highly professional and unethical in our humble opinion), this has been confirmed by Alan Pardew in a recent phone n conducted by BBC.  It however is not your run of the mill release clause where the bid goes in and you can talk to the player. It is complicated.

The situation is also not helped by the fact that media is coming up with a new rendition of the story almost every day. Adding more fuel to the fire are Ba’s own tweets where he said “I love san Antonio SPURS” (capitalized spurs). This could mean one of two things one, he wants out of toon to a bigger club or he wants a new contract. Or we may be on a complete different road as San Antonio spurs are in NBA western conference finals where they play Oklahoma City Thunder.

One thing is for sure with him being on 50 k a week already and having a degenerative knee he is not going to get a new and improved contract not with Mike Ashley in charge. There are plenty of sound reasons for that, one with the policy the club has he is on the upper side of that. Doing that will encourage other players to do the same and that is just not good business and puts the club in a perilous position. It will also let the agents dictate the club and the way the club does the business and that is a dangerous precedent to set.

Everyone associated with the club knows all too well how Demba treated his previous clubs TSG Hoffenheim and West Ham United, where he did everything to force a move away from the club and we don’t want any of those kind of distractions going into an important season.

If indeed Demba Ba leaves then there are a lot and quite literally a lot of strikers that can take his position including a lot of promising young strikers. This is football and football is a lot like life players come and players go so no big deal.

We are now done with negatives and it would not be us if we did not end on a happy note. We all know how media works; they are paid to make mountains out of molehills. Going by tweeting this is what Demba Ba tweeted a few days ago “What a great season we had. I’ll miss SJP and the atmosphere for few weeks. Can’t wait to step back on the pitch and feel the noise again” this must sound like music to everyone concerned with Newcastle.

We know that Demba lost some of his thunder to his compatriot Papiss Cisse and was asked to play a bit out of position and the goals dried up a bit (well! quite a bit). So, we can expect Demba to be a little upset or disappointed with himself being a proud striker he is.

Our advice to the supporters is that they should take all what has been said and written in media with a pinch of salt and relax. As, if Demba leaves none of the supporters would want an unhappy player representing the club and if stays and is happy being part of the success story here, nothing like it.

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