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Joey Barton: “I could walk into the England squad”

For self-explanatory reasons, Joey Barton is one of the most hated footballers around.

From stubbing out cigarettes in team-mates eyes, to brawling outside of nightclubs, Joey Barton never seems to escape the public eye. His antics have resulted in him becoming one of the most hated footballers of recent times. 

Admittedly, he is a decent footballer. He captained Newcastle United for a couple of seasons and has scored some fantastic goals for QPR this season. But when a player of his ability is better known for his poor behaviour than for his skill, you know that he’s a wasted talent.

And it is for this reason that he has recently come into the public eye once again. Yesterday, on his twitter account he criticised the new England boss, Roy Hodgson, unnecessarily insulted a fellow footballer, and proclaimed that he would ‘walk into the England squad’.

He wrote on Twitter: “Why are people giving me loads [of abuse] about England saying ‘cant get in squad etc’.

“On ability I walk into the squad, on behaviour I don’t… #fact.

“If Henderson got in, any Englishman not currently in the squad has to feel aggrieved. Yes, I wish I was there but I’m not…

“Everyone’s thinking it I’ll say it. Liverpool have an horrific season and have six players in our euro squad. What chance do we have. Pick on form.

“How [Grant] Holt, [Micah] Richards, [Michael] Carrick, [Rio] Ferdinand, [Leon] Osman, [Daniel]Sturridge etc never got involved is a travesty…

“I really hope England do well and win it, I really do. All am saying is a don’t think we will and it p***es me off…

“If everyone stays fit, we’ve got a decent 11, once [Wayne] Rooney’s back.

“If any of the keys players get a knock, we are done for. Three games in eight/nine days takes its toll on the body.

“If a few are carrying injuries from a long domestic season, it will show. Not being pessimistic just a realist.

“I am overqualified to pass judgement on this. Not only have I played in the Premier League for 10 years but I’ve played with and against most of them.”

Do you agree? Is he worthy of a place in Hodgson’s England squad?

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I am the Editor of 'The Spectator's View'. I set up the website so that I could combine my two passions: Newcastle United and writing, and I hope for it to be a platform where fans can express their views on the club. History Graduate from Durham University. Junior Account Executive at M&C Saatchi.

3 Comments on Joey Barton: “I could walk into the England squad”

  1. Himanshu Dhingra // June 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm // Reply

    Him, cabaye and Tiote would be class in midfield, i am a big fan of his

  2. They would be good together but there’s no point even considering it. There’s no chance any of the management team would want him back at the club. I can understand being a fan of his football, but as a guy, he’s an embarrassment

  3. Himanshu Dhingra // June 10, 2012 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    Only based my argument on footballing abilities

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