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More Fire Power Please

A lot has been made of the apparent need for Newcastle United to bring in new defenders to strengthen what we already have, so that next season, the players can cope with the increased workload and pressure that comes from being Europa League players.

And whilst all of this is well and good, I think that we should consider the other end of the pitch with just as much care.  I think that our first choice midfield is one of the best in the premier league, and the elements that all the players bring balance it nicely.

However, looking at the front line, Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse are the only centre forwards we have capable of scoring 10 or more goals in a season.

As a result, I think we need  to invest in a new striker.  Many names have been thrown around, as fall-backs, in case Demba Ba leaves.  Assuming he stays we will have him and Cisse. 

Whilst these players will score enough goals to keep Newcastle around the top of the table, they will not be able to play every game.  And as we saw last season, top clubs have strength in depth.  Arsenal are in the same situation.  If Robin Van Persie had suffered a lengthy injury, or had recieved a ban of some kind, Arsenal have no goal scorers. 

If Ba or Cisse recieve a bad enough injury, then we need back-up for them.  And we will lose both of them for the African Cup of nations, which could be 2 months at the business end of the season.  Many people will say that we have Leon Best and Shola Ameobi to cover, but they scored 6 goals between them last season.  This isn’t good enough for European football.  And now we have lost Lovenkrands, we have only Best and the two Ameobis for cover.

So we need to sign a new striker.  I’m not suggesting that we need another Cisse, who will score every match, but we need someone who can provide a serious goal-threat in the absence of Cisse and Ba.  Luke De-Jong and Giroud were both suggested, but Giroud looks likely to join Arsenal, and De-Jong would cost an arm and a leg.  I’m not going to speculate on who will come in, because I have confidence in Carr and Pardew to bring in a fantastic young striker, if they choose to.  I am praying that they do.

Who do you think we should sign?

What do you think?

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