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Top5: Refereeing Blunders (2011-12)

The fixtures for the season 2012 – 13 have been released and its time to look forward to the new season. But with the best part of two months until the start of the season, we are providing another diverse top 5 article on last season's succesful campaign. This week we look at Top 5 Refereeing blunders,

The season 2011 – 12 was indeed a memorable season for the Newcastle United supporters, some fantastic results, a great league position and some delightful football. However there were some moments where the spectators shouted the words “what the ##??” or “you little p??*#” either aloud or keeping it to themselves. In this piece, we look at the top 5 of those blunders that left the supporters scratching their head.

5. ‘No Penalty’ vs Manchester United (4th January)

At number five we have Mr Howard Webb, who failed to award Newcastle United a penalty against Manchester United at home on 4th January 2012, when Demba Ba was fouled by Rio Ferdinand. Maybe Howard was on a one man revenge mission against Newcastle for the penalty that was given to the magpies against red devils at old Trafford, where to be fair it was not a penalty. But, two wrongs don’t make a right.

4. ‘No Red Card’ vs Aston Villa (5th February)

At number four we have Mark Halsey, who in a match at St. James’s park against Aston Villa on 5th February 2012 failed to send off Stephen Warnock for his horror lunging tackle on Ryan Taylor. The match was ultimately won but the tackle deserved a red card. We are not in favor of dishing out red cards but given the spate of cards that had been dished up Warnock should have gotten an early shower.

3. ‘No Red Card’ vs QPR (15th January)

At number 3 we have Chris Foy who on 15th January 2012 failed to show a red card to Shaun Derry for one of the most ridiculous challenges on Yohan Cabaye. The challenge caused the midfielder to miss the rest of the game. Fortunately though the damage was not bad enough for him to miss any more matches and united went on the win the match.

2. ‘No Red Card’ vs Chelsea (3rd December)

At number four we have Mike Dean, who in an act of cowardice failed to send off David luiz of Chelseaon Saturday 3rd of December when Peter lovenkrands put Demba Ba through on goal and luiz hacked him down. Luiz, being the last man, had to go. This had the fans at the St. James’s park seething. On this occasion the magpies were not that lucky and not only went on to lose the match 3-0, but lost both their first choice center halves as well.

1. ‘No Penalty’ vs Sunderland (20th August)

And the position of number one or the Numero Uno goes to Howard Webb who in a very important derby on 20th August 2011 against the mackems failed to award a penalty and subsequently failed to send Sebastian Larsson off for his handball on the line with Joey Barton’s header destined to hit the back of the net. The situation was made all the more absurd when even the assistant referee failed to spot it. Given the fact it came from a corner he should have been able to do it. Fortunately Ryan Taylor in one of his golden moments won the match for the magpies. After the match Howard Webb came out and said the reason for the error was because he had failed to take his blinkers off.

We love the Barclays Premier league we really do, but some of the referees are poor. This is one area where I think the FA can really improve. Of course the saying goes the decisions even themselves out but that does not seem to be the case. In fact, it looks like the goal difference column which has a positive number for a higher placed side as suppose to a mid to lower finishing side.

Never mind, let us know if you agree with the list or not and if not what would you have put in.

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6 Comments on Top5: Refereeing Blunders (2011-12)

  1. Yeah, but we had a number of favourable decisions this year too e.g the disallowed Wolves goal in the 90th minute, the Man U penalty, the Danny Simpson hand ball against Liverpool etc. For the first time in my life the cliche ‘that it evens itself out over the season’ seems to apply.

  2. Nicklas Bgog // June 22, 2012 at 9:23 pm // Reply

    Please take your bias elsewhere. RE the David Luiz one, since when has a shirt pull been a hack? Bore off

    • Himanshu Dhingra // June 23, 2012 at 7:23 am // Reply

      its not abt a shirt pull or a hack, Mike dean gave him a Yellow and according to the rules he shd have been sent off. Dont agree fine

  3. You are a useless writer. Never write again as long as you live.

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