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Should we go for Andy Carroll?

Andy Carroll

No matter where you stand on the issue, there is no doubt that rumours of Andy Carroll returning to St James’ Park are intriguing. Just 18 months after having made the ill-fated move to Anfield for a staggering £35 million, the 23 year old looks set for a return to Tyneside in an attempt to revive his career at the club which nurtured him into an England striker.

Alan Pardew has publicly announced his desire to seal an agreement with Brendan Rodgers who clearly sees Carroll as an outlier to his plans. But is it worth going for him?

When asked why Carroll experienced such a drastic fall in form following his move to Liverpool, many answer with something along the lines of “the burden of expectancy”. Having just moved to an illustrious club like Liverpool for such a huge sum of money, anyone would feel the pressure of having to instantly perform.

It is clear that Carroll was able to perform at Newcastle because expectations were significantly lower. He was seen as a talented young player who had emerged from the youth system, so there was no reputation or transfer fee on his shoulders.

However, it would be foolish to assume that Carroll would hit the ground running if he signed for Newcastle United, because he’d still experience the pressures he did at Liverpool. For a start, he’d need to get the fans on side who still don’t approve of his big money move. It is difficult to play for a team knowing that you’re not wanted by the supporters.

We must also consider that he could face stiff competition from Cisse and Ba for a place in the starting XI. If he is unable to secure a regular place in the team, there doesn’t seem to be much point in investing so heavily to secure his services. I feel a move for him would only be sensible if Ba decides to seek pastures new.

If we are to try and resign Carroll, I reckon a loan is the only viable option. It would be needless to disrupt our transfer policy of signing players on relatively low transfer fees. Besides, we should remain sceptical as to whether he’d be able to hit the ground running after 18 months of frustration.

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  1. hes not worth 1.5 x as much as cisse and thats what it will take to buy him. why the fuck should we pay over the odds just because liverpool were dull enuf to. 12m should be our max bid and thats pushing it. to be honest id rather go after sum1 else carroll doesnt excite me at all.

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