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24-hour Football Fundraiser for Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

On Friday the 24th of August , 36-40 volunteers will take place in  The Robson 5s Football Marathon (a 24-hour football match), each playing approximately 16-20 hours each, at Gateshead International Stadium on the 3G pitches in aid of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

The event, ran by Ian Carr, will run from 6pm on the Friday all the way through until 6pm on the saturday and the aim of this fundraising event is to raise in excess of £5,000.

So far, £3,777.25 has been donated to the cause and, with just over a month to go, all involved are confident of reaching that goal. However, they need people like you to donate.

This isn’t just about reaching £5,000, it’s about raising as much as possible and, with the help of generous donors, this target can be smashed and more money can go to a charity that works with experts in the NHS and scientists at Newcastle University to develop treatments for cancer patients. They target the early detection of cancer which means that it can be removed before spreading to other areas of the body, as is not uncommon.

No matter how big or how small you can give, every penny counts, so please donate.

To donate,  go to and choose a player to donate to. The event’s official website is

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