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Do we need Mohamed Diame?

Mohamed Diame: Believes West Ham can claim victory over Newcastle on Sunday

Having signed prolific striker Demba Ba from West Ham, it looks as though the club could be raiding the East London club for another one of their best performers, with rumours linking Mohamed Diame to St James Park.

The central midfielder has been in stunning form this season, with his performance against us epitomising The Hammers’ shrewdness in the summer transfer market.

However, the Londoners will be regretting that the free transfer, previously of Wigan, had a meagre £7m release clause slapped on him. Inevitably, Newcastle, Everton and Fulham have now began to monitor his form.

But is Diame needed come the January transfer window, or should we focus our budget on bulking up another position, or even our youth system? Well, it’s difficult to say right now, and that’s because it’s not certain that come the end of the season, Cheick Tiote will still be a Newcastle player. There is still speculation linking him with a move away, so it might be important that we have a replacement in mind if we are to lose the Ivorian.

It also looks as though Juventus could pip us to the signing of Moussa Sissoko, with the Magpies having failed to tie up a deal for the Toulouse man. It now seems likely that he’ll be tempted by a move to the Serie A champions.

Another reason as to why it’s difficult to judge whether we are in need of another defence minded midfielder is that we are still uncertain about our fortunes in Europe. If we are to progress to the knockout stages of the Europa League, then it could be very important that we bolster the squad to ensure that we can focus on both domestic and continental matters.

Perhaps this article may frustrate you, for I don’t seem to be progressing to any conclusions as to whether we should spend £7m+ on Diame. However, what I will say is that Diame is a very good player who has just began playing in the prime of his career and capabilities. So if the squad does have any departures in the near future, Mohamed Diame should definitely be considered a worthy replacement.

What do you think? Would he make a worthy replacement for Tiote?

24 Comments on Do we need Mohamed Diame?

  1. Different type of player to Tiote, Diamé’s more of a Yaya or a Ramires but with Tiote’s defensive attributes too. I’m not convinced we’ll try for him though.. There’s a reason why Man Utd last summer and Barca, Arsenal and Madrid years ago turned him down..

  2. Himanshu Dhingra // November 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm // Reply

    If we get Moussa Sissoko, the answer is NO

  3. So why should he want to go up north then? It would be a step down in his carrer. He would only leave if a top 4 club came knocking.

  4. Himanshu Dhingra // November 15, 2012 at 6:11 pm // Reply

    I dont mean to say he is a bad player, just that Sissoko will be cheaper

  5. wether its diame or sissoko both would drive us forward from midfield which is exactly what we need at the minute – we rely on ben arfa too much

  6. Why would he want to move to a mid table team from West Ham?

  7. You know it is very poor to be talking about a player that still has 2.5 years to run on his contact at West Ham. He is our player and is going nowhere, may be we will come and nick Tiote from you now wouldn’t you just like us to be spreading that around.

  8. Let’s be realistic: Tiote would never move to West Ham

    • Why wouldn’t he Harry, you think he feels some kind of loyalty to you boys, wake up mate loyalty and footballers only goes as far as showing them the money and let’s face it that ain’t something Mike A likes to do much off. If he thought he could get a better deal elsewhere you watch him pack his and say thanks but time for me to go.

      • No, I agree. Loyalty is very hard to come by and I don’t doubt that Tiote will be leaving us in the next year or so. But, I can vouch that he will not be going to West Ham. He’s wanted by clubs a lot bigger than you guys.

      • Wouldn’t it be nice though for him to stick around and try and build something at Newcastle?

      • It would be great, but his performances have started to dip, his discipline is beginning to piss off Pardew, and we could bring in another 15mil for him. I believe he’s still an integral part of our set-up, but I can just see him being sold by Cashley

      • you’ve hit on the important point there, ie no one player is bigger than the club. My grandfather played for Barcelona just after WW2 and he would tell me stories about those who thought they were bigger than the club and how they soon either ate humble pie and got on with it or were quickly got rid off.

  9. Terrible journalism. He isn’t being linked with you at all, he just ran you boys wragged and you have all jumped on the bandwagon. Considering he has only been at west Ham for 6 months this article is pointless…

  10. we are above you in the league just beat you at your own gaff and your two best players now play for us? why would he go to you?

    • Firstly, we sold nolan to you. We were the ones who got rid of him, so it wasn’t as if he chose you over us. Quote: he ‘Loves Newcastle’. Secondly, yes Carroll was great for us. But we sold him for a ridiculous amount of money and he’s been awful ever since. How many goals has he scored for you?

      I do like West Ham, but don’t try and flatter yourselves by suggesting you’re a better and bigger club than us.

      • Not in to the bigger and better club rubbish as it is all a matter of personal conjecture and opinion. I was lucky to play at St James’ and you won’t find more passionate fans than Geordies and the same can be said of us Hammers, ie real fans. The original article for me was nothing more than s stirring and the one thing I will say is that time will tell but Diame is happy and settled at West Ham and we are doing well, don’t see him moving whilst that holds true.

  11. Yeah, I can completely understand that opinion. In the article, we’re not saying he will leave, merely questioning whether we should pursue him or not. But what annoys me is that some fans think West Ham are better than us just because you beat us the other day. I dont’t want to live too much in the past, but we finished 5th Last year, above Chelsea. I think some of you are forgetting that. When did you play at SJP?

    • Harry that is just fan talk, we all big our own clubs up and to me West Ham is the centre of all that is football, the same I expect Newcastle is to you, and rightly so. I played there many years ago before a broken leg finished my career a month after signing my first pro contract.

  12. Simple fact is if Tiote were to go a price tag of at least 15-25million is what it would cost for Mr T and West Ham just dont have that financial clout never have and never will…As with Caroll you could probably afford him around 15 million but payed via installments but the financial state of liverpool they will want full money up front so that they can develop there own side so i can see Carrol plying his trade elsewhere next season……I think Diame would be a great signing for Newcastle and could play along side Tiote and Cabaye and would make the midfield a real tough nut to crack and help our frail defence out this season

    • And you know this how? There is already an agreement in place for AC to be acquired by West Ham, so Liverpool must be happy with the terms otherwise the option wouldn’t exist. The fact is that most deals these days are installment based, so nothing new there and if you are looking at where Tiote is touted to be going to at the end of the season you don’t seriously think they are going to pay all up front do you, that’s not how they work on the continent. There is no chance of Diame heading to Newcastle, so time to look elsewhere.

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