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Ferguson Launches Tirade at Pardew

Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at Alan Pardew after the NUFC manager criticised the behaviour of his Manchester United counterpart in their Boxing Day clash. 

Pardew claimed after Manchester United’s 4-3 victory over Newcastle on Boxing Day that the English Football Association should have taken action against Ferguson for the way he confronted officials during the match.

And now Ferguson has had this to say in response to Pardew’s comments:

“He’s an experienced referee and mature. There was no ranting and raving. I was demonstrative but I’m always demonstrative because I’m an emotional guy”, continued the Red Devils boss.

“Some managers shove linesmen onto the pitch and make a joke of it but I’m not making a joke of this. It was a serious decision and I think the [Jonny Evans own] goal should have been disallowed, I really do.

“I shouted him over and he came towards me. I wasn’t on the pitch for more than three or four yards and I think it’s been overplayed. Anyway, the problem for me and Manchester United is the profile of the club is huge.

“Alan Pardew came out and criticised me yet he is the worst at haranguing referees. His whole staff were at it the whole game on Wednesday. He shoves a linesman and makes a joke of it and yet he’s got the cheek to criticise me. It’s unbelievable and he forgets the help I gave him.”

Ferguson then suggested that the size of Manchester United means he is under the spotlight more than anyone else, including Pardew, who he feels get off lightly as he manages a small club.

“Anyway, the press made a field day out of it and addressed every possible angle. The only one they left out is [speaking to] Barack Obama!

“The unfortunate caveat is I’m at the biggest club in the world not Newcastle, a wee club in the North East. I was demonstrative but not out of order. The press had a field day, it’s as simple as that.”

The comments made by Ferguson quite frankly came as a shock to me. Even though this is not the first time he has unnecessarily publicly criticized a manager counterpart, these comments are unbelievably unprofessional for a man who wields so much influence in the world of football. 

In 1997, Ferguson labelled Arsene Wenger as ‘a novice and should keep his opinions to Japanese football’, while also saying this of Gordan Strachan ‘I decided this man could not be trusted an inch – I would not want to expose my back to him in a hurry.’

Being the manager of the greatest football club in the world, you’d expect a greater level of moderation and respect in the interviews. It appears as though Pardew had great reason to raise this issue and to be put down in this manner will do no good for the morale. 

What do you think?

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8 Comments on Ferguson Launches Tirade at Pardew

  1. What is your point exactly? What manager has never lost it or gone over the top in the heat of the moment?
    Is your point that being so experienced he should be void of passion?

    Seriously, I would have thought the match had enough to lust over, debate and talk about.

    • I’m not saying that because he is experienced, he should be void of passion.

      Regardless of his achievements, it is incredibly disrespectful to belittle a colleague in that fashion when he quite frankly was raising a true problem in the modern game, Ferguson gets away with far too much nowadays.

      Exactly, it was a fantastic game. So why would Ferguson sour the mood and excitement of the occasion by degrading us as a club?! madness…. I think the man’s going senial

  2. His comments about Newcastle being a “wee club” are truly shocking. His argument is with Alan Pardew not with Newcastle United or it’s fans and I hope he is man enough to come out and apologise to Newcastle fans for this, if he wanted to prove what an utter idiot he is then he’s doing a good job. Maybe Newcastle should sue him for defamation?

  3. hahaha I like the suggestion of defamation! I completely agree though, it’s an outrage. I never thought Fergie would go this far in degrading himself. So unprofessional from someone who is supposed to be an ambassador of the game

  4. I can’t defend what he said about Newcastle FC, it was out of order. Regards what he said about Pardew it sounds like he’s reacting the the media frenzie over his rant.
    I have to admit I haven’t seen what Fergie did.
    Was a great match by the sounds of it though!

  5. Himanshu Dhingra // December 28, 2012 at 3:12 pm // Reply

    Whenever i addressed him i always used the word SIR, never am i going to do that. NEVER!!!!!!

  6. Himanshu Dhingra // December 28, 2012 at 3:17 pm // Reply

    Wonder what WEE Fergie thinks of clubs like Everton, Villa, Leeds, Spurs, West Ham, do i go on……

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