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5 Things We Learnt From the Reading Game

Here are 5 things we reckon that most stood out during our 2-1 loss to Reading. Despite an impressive first-half performance, a lacklsutre second-half performance saw the Royals taking all three points. As you can imagine, the main sticking points were negative. Here we go:

1. Cabaye can take amazing free kicks 
We have missed the Frenchman over the last few games, not only for his creativity but also his special free kicks. Set pieces this season have been dire, both in an attacking sense but also defensively
I was at the Man Utd home win last season when we first realised just how good a free kick taker he was, with a wonderful peachy hit straight in the top corner.
Fast forward just over a year to today, and Cabaye couldn’t have placed the free kick any better if he was in the training ground with no Keeper or wall.
2. Don’t play Shola on the Wing!!
When we don’t have Hatem Ben Arfa, we should be playing Obertan not Shola Ameobi. We all know how useless Obertan is at times but playing Shola on the wing is the extreme.
The squad is more than clearly not big enough, no strength in depth, we need players ASAP.
3. We need to shoot towards the Gallowgate in the 2nd half.
It might be a small thing but we have played the last two home games and changed ends before the game; we’ve lost them both 2-1. The gallowgate end is a massive pull for NUFC in the 2nd half, and it’s something as little as that is costing us points.
4. Need to get the 2nd goal to end the game as a contest.
The amount of chances we had in the 1st half to score was unbelievable; Papiss had three attempts on goal during the match, admittedly forcing good saves from the keeper. Nevertheless, we need to be more precise.
Reading had nothing going forward in the first half but yet again we got punished in the 2nd with woeful defending.
5. Pardew Out?
Need I say anything more than those two subs? Marveaux off for Perch and Cabaye off for Bigi, changed the game. Even though we’ve been restricted by the number of injuries we’ve had this season, when we have had the men, his tactical decisions have been a bit odd to say the least.
Comments welcome. Are you happy with Pardew’s leadership or would you like to see a management shake-up?
Written by Paul Milloy (@Milloy11)
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11 Comments on 5 Things We Learnt From the Reading Game

  1. Himanshu Dhingra // January 19, 2013 at 8:20 pm // Reply

    Point # 5 should be # 1

  2. surely wrong tactics from pardew need a striker and def. newcastle to be relegated now sure

  3. Yo yo club!!

  4. Couple of issues here,
    1. If not Pards then who? Did well enough tatically last year with a decent squad, give the guy a break like, Cabaye was a forced sub, he has already said marveaux was a mistake, give him a chance to put things right!

    2. Booing, if you don’t want to support the team, then don’t go to the game, supporters support, get behind the guys 100% or don’t bother! Negativity has no place in SJP, ever!

    Other than that previous stuff is valid


  5. I was at game, readings defence woeful, kept giving us 2nd chances, only reason we lost was Pardew, fact, he took off our best open play player, tried to shut up shop against a woeful team, and basically said right lads your doing them easy, cant have that let’s invite them onto us, sack him now. I reckon him and the 2 fat Londoners have a huge bet on us not getting 30 points

    • It was the removal of marveaux to defend a 1-0. No brainer he knows he made a big mistake going defensive, not the first poor substitution?

  6. I cant Stand Perch when every there is a goal he is there just watching when he was one we where like 9 men against eleven counting Shola out
    Shola Perch sammy and before them Alan should leave newcastle
    i cant beleive we have a team full of international players and we cant beat reading how have just got promoted this is sad sad he has to go he made silly stupid mistakes all season when playing the like of Ferguson or sammy a head of mavro and w lost games agisnt west ham swansi he is the worst manager ever he should be a sacked quick before he does to us what Avram grant did to wets ham

  7. The above comments are stupid. pardew acheived a greta deal last year, this year injuries hit and form loss. Reading know how to soak up pressure and thrive on it, and are in form.

    Enough said

  8. When are we going to learn that Santon is not a defender. He is not a bad footballer but can not defend to save his life. How many times have people scored from the chap that he is supposed to be marking, he was closer to Grays Monument than the guy who put the ball across for the first goal and he never gets close to anyone he is supposed to be marking. This happens every game. I have not got on Pardews case yet but taking our playmakers was a no no. As I said not got on Pardews case but……….

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