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Five Things We Learnt from the Chelsea Game


Yesterday afternoon Newcastle managed to pull of an incredible upset, beating European Champions Chelsea 3-2.  Here we take a look at the five most important things we learnt from this huge win:

1) Moussa Sissoko

What can I say about Moussa Sissoko! Well he showed us yesterday he was born to play in the Premier League. His Pace, Strength and Power are attributes that will make his introduction to the league easier than others. Not only did Moussa score 2 goals yesterday (including the winner in the 90th min) but his overall play was nothing short of incredible! The way he beat Ashley Cole to the ball and pulls away from him with brute power and pace was amazing. We just have to hope he is going to be a Toon player for a long time. When was the last time we had a player like him? Rob Lee maybe?

2) Jonas can head the ball but cant cross 

I slated Jonas after the Villa & Reading games but he answered some of his critics yesterday with a quite brilliant glancing header to put us in front. I still believe Marveaux should start in front of the Argentine but it was a nice reminder that he is in the squad and is ready to fight for his place. 

3) Pardew’s Tactics were Brilliant

Pardew’s subs have been woeful over the last few weeks, but yesterday he turned that on its head; exactly the right players were replaced with the correct substitutions. Gouffran was highlt impressive yesterday but was rightfully replaced by Marveaux after fatigue kicked in during the final stages of the match. Same with Sissoko; Yanga-Mbiwa came on to help the defence in the last minute or so. Well Done Pards!

4) Stevie Taylor

Even before the kick off, Taylor was over in the Strawberry Corner getting the fans excited. He just loves playing for NUFC and he shows that constantly. I mean Ba & Torres hardly got a chance all afternoon. But his biggest moments came in the dying seconds with a fantastic block with his knees/balls, and after the final whistle his face was brilliant. He showed he’s such a big fan of the club by the pure excitement in his face. Had he not been wearing the full kit, he would’ve fit in perfectly with the raving Geordie crowd

5) Have we turned a corner?

Overall the team were amazing yesterday; from Krul all the way through to Cisse. It showed that the team spirit is extremely high and everyone is ready for a fight. Spurs up next in a tough away trip. Hopefully we can continue this exciting time for the club.

By Paul Milloy (@Milloy11)

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11 Comments on Five Things We Learnt from the Chelsea Game

  1. Quick question here, what do Newcastle fans think of Pardew?

    • Very divided among the fans. The majority (including me) reckon he’s a very good manager – he won LMA Manager of the Year last season. I think that he’s a good motivator of the team, is eloquent and understands the sentiment of the fans. His job has been made difficult by Mike Ashley at times, as well as unfortunate injuries. But, I do think that he’s the right man for the job. It’s easy to question his ability after a run of bad results, but many of the factors why we’ve been so disappointing this season have been beyond his control.

  2. Just a quick one about Taylor… He infact blocked the ball with his ‘nuts’… Real commitment.

    • JP...from The Rock // February 3, 2013 at 3:48 pm // Reply

      Yeah it was with his NUTS and Not with his knees! That even hurt me as I saw it in slow-mo on the telly. I doubt many World Class defenders would put their crown jewels on the line for their clubs! Saylor you’re a legend!

  3. am sure if you cut Taylor he would bleed Black & White

  4. JP...from The Rock // February 3, 2013 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    1- Sisssoko is a beast that is faster than Ashley Cole
    2- Our French lads have all impressed and helped us turn a corner.
    3- We’ve never had a player like Sissoko in CM before and his value has gone up 10 fold.
    4- Pardew should stay as manager and keep on building us into a CL Team.
    5- Fans should show their appreciation with banners of thanks to Ashley and co for spending on these great players HWTL

  5. Alan Pardew is a despicable man. He’s a hypocritical moron, who was only given the job due to his close personal friendship with Mike Ashley. He’s in millions of pounds worth of debt due to gambling, Ashley only appointed him to help him out of his financial trouble as he’d just lost his job managing LEAGUE ONE Southampton. The reason he was in the third tier? He was forced to leave West Ham when his stock was at it’s highest, due to his super injunction being lifted on his sordid affair with a young singer while his fragile wife was treated with a stress related illness. The man is deplorable.

    What of your captain? Coloccini wanted to leave to go back home to Argentina to be with his wife and kids. Honourable. Except the reason his wife and kids are back in his native South America is that she found out he’d been cheating on her in Newcastle and returned back home with the children.

    Disgusting club, disgusting ethics.

  6. Not to mention the strong rumours of an affair with Carl Fletcher, a West Ham player. Never proven, but certainly wouldn’t be surprise. Pardew sold Fletcher soon after these reports emerged.

    • Stephen Harrison // February 3, 2013 at 9:15 pm // Reply

      What a nonse you are, if you were infront of me now you’d be on the floor crying with your teeth scattered in front of you!

  7. Cookiemonster // February 4, 2013 at 8:25 am // Reply

    Chelsea fan here. Just want to say that the squad that Pardew has assembled now is looking very dangerous. Bring Tiote back into the squad and Ben Arfa and you have a good solid squad with more depth than we currently do at Chelsea. Gouffran has pace to trouble most EPL defense, Debuchy is quality and Sissoko was man of the match.

    On the downside, the refereeing was terrible and Newcastle benefited incredibly from it. Collocini should have been sent off when he broke Ba’s nose and it should have been a penalty. If that had happened anywhere else on the pitch it would have been a red card and a free kick. Cisse should have also been sent off for putting his hands around Cole’s throat. It is understandable that Webb missed that because we were scoring down the other end but it is hard to understand why he would come back and give both players a yellow card.

    Some people might say that Ramires should have been sent off for his challenge but he didn’t go in with studs up and I think it was harsh to even receive a yellow (but maybe that’s just the Chelsea supporter in me).

    On the whole, the team that Pardew put out was one that should be fighting for spots 4-7, not survival.

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