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5 Clear Reasons Why Newcastle Won’t be Moving for Andy Carroll

The madness of the transfer window has only just finished and after a highly eventful spurge into the market for Newcastle United, apparently more activity is on the horizon.

It’s the 6th of February and having  given us a week off the transfer speculation, the journo’s are back at doing what they love best; making up transfer rumours. The most recent of these is Liverpool’s supposed move for Hatem ben Arfa, with Andy Carrol apparently going in the opposite direction.

I’m no journalist, nor am I football agent, but I’ll give 5 reasons why, from the view of a man on the terraces, this will never happen: 

1.       Andy Carroll’s valuation is way above what Newcastle can and will pay for a player

Newcastle United is now renowned, dare I say worldwide, for their shrewd negotiations in the transfer market. We won’t be held to ransom, the case in point being Loic Remy. If Newcastle really wanted him they would have upped their wages – but the fact that they stuck to their guns shows that no player is bigger than a club – at least at Newcastle anyway!

There is always a plan B. Nor will Mike Ashley let the wool be pulled over his eyes when it comes to ‘his’ cash. No doubt Liverpool will want to recuperate some of the £35,016,000 they spent on Andy Carroll (It was widely reported that Liverpool were a day late and Ashley charged them interest on that late payment which equated to £16000). Now, just because they spent that on Andy Carrollm it does not mean Newcastle see his valuation anywhere near that. The boy himself hasn’t pulled any trees up whilst playing for Liverpool or West Ham for that matter and if anything his valuation has gone down like the Hindenberg.

2.       Sentiment vs Value for  Money

It has been reported that Andy Carrolll could ‘return home to Newcastle’ much in the same way Shearer came under Kevin Keegan. However Newcastle have shown when it comes to money there is no room for sentiment – Danny Graham would have been a decent 3rd choice striker (in the Leon Best/ Lovenkrands mould) but at no point did Pardew consider him, despite his geordie roots.

Newcastle have shown what they can do with their cheque book (I’m aware of the irony here as NUFC pay cash…in full). For example, Arsenal paid £15m for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. In contrast, Newcastle paid £5m for Davide Santon, £4m Chiek Tiote and £6m for Yohan Cabaye. So if Liverpool were to offer ‘Cut’ a price Andy Carroll for say £18m – what could Newcastle get for that? Which brings me onto point 3…

3.       Other Players on Graham Carr’s List

Newcastle did some great business early on in the window bringing in Matthiew Debuchey, a player who impressed at the Euro’s last year and has established himself as a French International. We then had the ‘Arry Redknapp saga with Loic Remy failing to turn up to his medical after his club Marseille had agreed a fee with Newcastle United. Instead very publicly mugging us off for Relegation bound (fingers crossed) QPR. Our spirits were lifted then by the superb signings of Sissoko, Mbwia, Goffrann and the promising Haidara and unknown Swiss teenager Kevin Mbabu.

However, it was again widely reported Newcastle had a offers of £10m for Ricky Van Wolfswinkle and a £12m offer for Wilfried Bony turned down as well as coming close to making a serious offer for Patrick -Emerick Aubameyang and Siam De Jong (only for the former to come out publicly stating he wanted to stay until the summer). All of these players come with a great scoring record in comparison to AC:

Aubameyang     -21 goals in 71 Games

Wilfried Bony     -31 goals in 53 Games

Ricky Van W       -19 goals in 40 Games

Andy Carroll       -6   goals in 44 Games (Liverpool) 2 goals in 12 games West Ham

Alan Pardew has already stated that Graham Carr will be back at work looking for our summer targets and for a club that scour the far reaches of Europe I can’t see us going for something so obvious.

4.       Ben Arfa – Happy Here and Playing with 6 fellow French Internationals

It must be said that no one can blame Ben Arfa for questioning Mike Ashley’s ambition in a recent interview in France, and to be fair, when asked about PSG (His boyhood club) Hatem gave an honest but resounding answer stating ‘yes’ it would be a dream move, but I’m happy here and want to fight to save the team that has done so much for me.

However with the acquisitions made in January it’s clear that Newcastle United now have a different look about them. Buying 3 fellow French internationals alongside fellow countryman Yohan Cabaye and Sylvain Marveux will surely appeal to the midfield Maestro.

If Dider Deschamps needs to come and watch any of his team in action outside of France where better else to come than St. James’s Park where he can kill potentially 5 birds with one flight! The prospect of playing with the pacey, powerful and energetic midfield of  Sissoko, Cabaye and Tiote would surely give Ben Arfa licence to express himself wherever he wants in the ‘Wayne Rooney’ free role I think he craves so much. Why leave a team on the cusp of something great?

5.       And Finally … when was the last time Graham Carr went to see Andy Carroll Play?

Newcastle don’t make rash financial decisions anymore. Graham Carr’s reputation has gone from strength to strength to the point other teams now have scouts ‘scouting’ graham himself to guess who is watching. Anyone that knows Newcastle United under the current regime has to commend the boys from Daan Saaf. they don’t throw money around for nothing (QPR style). Every person seriously linked would have been watched for a number of months by Mr Carr (and when things get more serious and IF Newcastle believe they can actually land the player) and then and only then by Alan Pardew. 

When was the last time (if any) either were spotted at Upton Park or Anfeild? Newcastle has a system of comprehensive scouting, intense examination of players including attitude as well ability and buying cheap and selling high. So far so good…

…And Andy Carroll returning and Hatem Ben Arfa leaving on the cheap (anything less than £15m) does not fit into that system anywhere.

Amit Shabilla

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17 Comments on 5 Clear Reasons Why Newcastle Won’t be Moving for Andy Carroll

  1. Oh you love PARDEW again now lol you all where asking for his head only weeks ago you bunch of hypocritical TW*TS !!! And get a grip,your still a bottom 8 side FACT ? Build a team full of French players ( Haven’t you heard,there always fighting amongst themselves lmfao 😉 Use bunch of idiots haven’t a clue,you’ve given a Gambling Addict ( Who loves CASINO’S ) a 8 YES EIGHT YEAR CONTRACT hahahahahahaha

    • best bit of buisness 35mill for a donkey!!!! and we want him back dont think so HaHaHaHaHa

      • Dean jones // February 7, 2013 at 7:14 pm //

        Learn how too spell IDIOT 😉 Business ? But use do want the Donkey back lmfao 😉 we’d give him away,before selling too use bunch of IDIOTS lmfao 😉 Fighting RELEGATION AGAIN !!! hehehe

    • awww sounds like a sad mackem bastard to me, come to stalk newcastle articles? sad little prick haha go back to cock munching 😉 your daddys waiting

      • Dean jones // February 7, 2013 at 9:22 pm //

        alan,since your the one thinking about it ( I’m guessing you keep your daddy real happy ) alan THE GREATEST GOBBLER IN GEORDIE LAND 😉 Enjoy your RELEGATION FIGHT SUCKERS lmfao 😉 And I’m not a Mackem 😉

    • deans mams a slag // February 7, 2013 at 9:23 pm // Reply

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    • deans mams a slag // February 7, 2013 at 9:29 pm // Reply

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      • Dean jones // February 7, 2013 at 9:44 pm //

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    • yawn, how boring you cant come up with anything, cool story bro bet you like getting down and dirty with your family haha, stop hiding behind a name , how bout an address, but nahh your too much of a pussy 😉 go on prove me right

  2. One word….spellcheck. Sheesh man. Wikepedia for the player names.

    “…cusp of greatness…” ((spills coffee))

  3. Geordiedoonsooth // February 7, 2013 at 7:03 pm // Reply

    Excellent article can’t see us going for Carroll shame really it would be nice to see more local lads in the team. AT this rate the SMB’s will have more Geordies than us.

  4. He forgot the biggest reason. Andy’s £80.000/90.000 a week..

  5. Philip Buckingham // February 7, 2013 at 7:15 pm // Reply

    ‘One word.. spellcheck’ …. ‘Wikepedia’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Dean,

    To comment on spelling and grammar when yours is the worst on the board is almost as poor a judgement as you bin dippers paying £35m for Carrol…almost.

    Now fuck off with the rest of the other thieving bastards. Liverpool are as much a has-been as any team around.

    Where would you be without your cheating, racist star player?

    35m Carrol, 20m Henderson…

    4.5m Cabaye, 4m Tiote, 1.8m Sissoko…no need to go on 🙂

  7. Use :- to make use
    Yous:- slang term the plural of you

    For the benefit of our illiterate friend that’s the English lesson over.

    An interesting article , Big Andy doesn’t fit into the Newcastle model anymore when you look at what other more prolific scorers bring to the table .

    As for Pardews 8 year deal it did raise a few eyebrows but as always Ashley is no mug and a 12 month payoff is Pardews reward should he fail .
    8 yrs is based on a successful business model . If he’s here in 20 yrs time that’s fine if he’s gone in the next twelve months then so be it .Dont recall calls for his head to roll and 52,314 fans in St Jame’s Park won’t all like him. Wasn’t my first choice but as long as he is in charge I will support him as the current custodian of team affairs

  8. I found this thread on a West Ham site just thought I would add my thoughts about Pardew there were lots of rumors about Pardew gambling with Matty Etherington and a mate of mine works in Tony Adams sporting chance clinic and whilst he has to respect confidentiality reading between the lines he was an out-patient for a while. He did get us playing some swashbuckling football at times and we turned over some of the big boys but he is limited and went into a nosedive second season in the PL much as he has done at NUFC. I had to laugh at the abuse the scourer got and all real football fans will hope the geordies stay up.

    • As an irons fan found the bit about pardew gambling a bit of a surprise really! Thought he was a good manager for us and a it unlucky near the end, the cup final against the mickey-mousers being a case in point! But got the feeling it got on top of him at the end? When the toon started to struggle earlier this season I honestly feared for you. Not that I ever thought you could go down. Always liked Newcastle, a proper football team with proper fans!

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