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Newcastle After Ligue 2 Youngster

Giannelli Imbula

The club’s assault on French football looks set to continue, with rumours arising of a substantial interest in Guingamp’s Giannelli Imbula.

Having acquired five more players from across the Channel in January, our Carr-led scouting network has established France as a stronghold and an area of expertise for plucking out hidden talents at very reasonable prices.

In fact, it was Graham Carr himself who recently watched the Ligue 2 side’s match last week to take a look at the promising young midfielder who could potentially take the French contingent to an astonishing eleven.

There’s no denying that there have been critics of Newcastle’s philosophy, with devout England fans being especially agitated by Pardew’s apparent neglecting of home-grown players. There is a belief that the continued influx of foreign players will diminish any chance of a return to the glories of 1966.

However, trying not to sound too impudent, the club needn’t show little care for any apparent World Cup ambitions. What’s crucial is that a potent squad is forged possessing a high level of chemistry and understanding – and let me tell you, there aren’t many better ways of doing that than bringing in a group of players who all speak the same language in literal and figurative terms.

Admittedly, unlike our January signings, 20 year old Imbula is a player who is yet to be tested in the top tier of French football, and little is currently known of him.

Despite this, I do recall my first article for the website being on a certain Geoffrey Kondogbia, who at the time of writing was playing for Ligue 2 Lens and attracting the interest of Carr. Almost a year later, he’s established himself as an important player for La Liga side Sevilla. It seems that our brilliant scouting network knows what they’re doing when it comes to foraging through all four corners of French football.

I am a staunch believer in the idea that no football squad can ever be considered “complete”, in the sense that there is always room for improvement and enlargening. In this case, the improvement could involve one that will prove beneficial in the long term future. If the price is right, then a move for Imbula would make sense if we want to keep it French, and if we want to keep growing.

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