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Is Loic Remy Worth Another Look for Newcastle?

With Queen’s Park Rangers looking like a sure bet to be relegated, some could think that Loic Remy, the French international striker who snubbed Newcastle for QPR over the January transfer window, might be regretting his decision.

But if Remy is still the same guy he was in January, the only regrets he has involve loose change falling out of his pockets.

Loic is a money-grabber, which is somewhat understandable in a profession where every player is one bad injury away from losing his main source of income forever.

However, for a club like Newcastle United, a mercenary like Remy would have been, and would still be, a huge mistake

There’s no doubt about Remy’s ability to put the ball in the net. He’s already got four goals since arriving in London.

But assuming he will be available come summertime when QPR drop to the Championship, would he be good enough for the wages he is sure to demand?

There’s no way Mike Ashley will think so.

With QPR agreeing to the £70,000 per week Remy requested, he is unlikely to take a pay cut now that he’s proven he can hold his own in the Premier League.

And after spending heavily in January, Ashley won’t even think about spending that kind of money on a player who’s already blown off the club once.

Even if he were willing to pay Remy, would it really be worth it?

At the moment, I would say no.

Young Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is well within the Magpies’ sights for the upcoming summer transfer window and would be a much smarter buy at just 23 years of age.

Another player who could render Remy unnecessary is already on the squad: ginger ninja Adam Campbell.

Geordie native Campbell has played well in limited opportunities with the first team over the course of the season and despite only being 18, he should be given serious consideration for a more consistent place on the pitch in the upcoming season.

Which option sounds better, a young starlet from North Shields, or a player who misled and mistreated the club in order to play for Harry Redknapp?

If either the transfer for Aubameyang or the upgrade of Campbell to the first team occur, with Papiss Cisse back for another season and Shola Ameobi on the bench, why would we ever want a player like Loic Remy?

Loic may be a man without too many options, as sticking with QPR in the Championship and going back to France with a brand new 75% tax wouldn’t be ideal for a man of his character.

And if Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew know what’s good for them, he won’t find a home at St James’ Park either.

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3 Comments on Is Loic Remy Worth Another Look for Newcastle?

  1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. With our manager we could still well go down ourselves

    • Himanshu Dhingra // April 7, 2013 at 12:58 pm // Reply

      True Nick, should deal with that once we are safe, assuming that we do survive I will look at some one else

  2. Newacastle’s bargain hunting is too good for them to pick such a sought after player. They can get a better deal elsewhere and as you say, he is a money grabber.

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