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A Catastrophic Capitulation – the spectator’s reaction

Where was the reaction from the 'hurt' players Mr Pardew? Where was the passion, the fire and determination to correct previous mistakes? Where was the common sense? 

I’m still furious. I’m embarrassed and appalled at the squad of players who have the honour of pulling on the black and white stripes and the manager. Pardew is tactically inept and incapable of anything related to managing. This season, he has robbed a living. He is sitting tight with his 8 year contract wondering how much money he has to spend in the Summer and whether he fancies Barbados or Mauritius this year.

If he had any pride or respect for this club he would resign but he won’t, why should he? In any other job, persisting with something that fails weekly is a sackable offence. He plays the players in the wrong position and does not utilise their strengths. Playing Sissoko – a CDM by trade – in CAM is absurd especially when you deploy Yohan Cabaye in CDM who’s job is to spray influential and defence splitting balls to the strikers.

We’ve signed Gouffran, a player who can play on the left wing, as a left forward, off the striker or as a striker. Why not play him up top with Papiss so that he is not so isolated and there is more to aim for? We need goals and directness not long balls to a lone striker who’s strength is finishing. 

As for the game itself, the less said the better. They were better than us in every department. They were sharper, quicker, hungrier and played attractive football. Reina was quick of his line, nothing got past Enrique, Gerrard was being Gerrard, Coutinho was a tricky devil and Sturridge was quite frankly unplayable up top.

Even if Liverpool were the better side on the day, there is no excuse for losing 0-6 at home. There was no cohesion, were we speaking the same language? The players must take stick, they showed a lack of indiscipline and played as if it was a kick about with their mates. The football was dire, there was no desire to help a team mate out and the amount of times we lost the ball was ridiculous.

The form of Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote and Moussa Sissoko worries me. They look a shadow on their former-selves. Sissoko has not shone since his first few games, Tiote has not shone this season and Cabaye has looked disinterested. It was capitulation on a calamitous scale. I never want to see it again, home or away. It was embarrassing and Pardew will be lucky to be there next season regardless of what league we are in.

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2 Comments on A Catastrophic Capitulation – the spectator’s reaction

  1. wallsendstu // April 28, 2013 at 6:05 pm // Reply

    Everyone knows Cisse cant play up front on his own, Tiote has been a waste of space all season, Jonas has been the same yet Pardew insists on playing them. We also have a goalkeeper who dosent have a clue flapping at things and constantly doing the wrong thing. Taylor is also the first to make his mouth go but he was abismal yesterday. Bring back Harper, drop Jonas and Tiote and give Cisse some help.

  2. Although I am not a Newcastle fan, the point that worried me most on behalf of Newcastle supporters has to be – as noted on Match of the Day – after the fourth goal, when instead of running back to try and stop Sturridge from finishing Haidara and Yanga Mbiwa just strolled back leaving Rob Elliot on his own trying to stop him. That’s not the attitude you want from a club at any level let alone one which still isn’t free of relegation worries.

    Also, Henderson and Downing have in fairness to them been pretty decent this season (Henderson has more goals and assists per minute than any English midfielder this season apart from Lampard), but all the same when Henderson is playing defence splitting through balls like he’s Xavi and when Downing is tearing past your fullbacks at will like Cristiano Ronaldo you have a very serious problem.

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