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LEAKED: Newcastle United Home Kit for 2013/14?

Is this the new home kit?

Last week, leaked images of Newcastle's new home, away and third kit surfaced on the twittersphere as well as other major footballing sites, most notably

Though the images didn’t include the new shirt sponsor,, a new photo has today been released onto the networking site that integrates not only the aforeseen design, complete with the bizarre blue details, but also the controversial Wonga logo. 

It is similarly styled to this season’s home kit, using the same stripe width, but has also added a thinner blue stripe down the side, perhaps to compliment the stark blue logo. 

In my opinion, it looks quite cheap. I don’t believe that the club made the right decision in choosing the financially rewarding option of Wonga over a more appropriate and popular business. Maybe this frutration is influencing my opinion of it, but I nonetheless think it looks tacky.

The kit is due to be released officially in the first week of August, but there’s generally a lot of hype during the build up to its unveiling, comprising of numerous ‘leaked’ photos of the kit, many of which prove to be wrong come August. 

But this one looks pretty genuine. We’ll have to wait and see.

Do you like this supposed new home kit? Or do you think the new Wonga logo cheapens the history of the shirt?

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17 Comments on LEAKED: Newcastle United Home Kit for 2013/14?

  1. joe foster // May 18, 2013 at 11:44 am // Reply

    still cannot beat the blue star on the shirt

    • I have no intention of wearing an emblem of legalised loan sharks.
      Instead I encourage everyone to buy a retro shirt with the Newcastle Brown Ale or Blue Star label….
      Let Newcastle stay in Newcastle…

      • Agree about the knee-cap finance debacle but the breweries left years ago for Tadcaster.

      • You’re right Chris. Alas maybe there isn’t a native industry left – Sage maybe – are they still based in the NE?
        Living on the south coast I always preferred the ‘Brown Ale’ or ‘Blue Star’ logos. Those that followed didnt feel like 100% Newcastle shirts…. The last one I bought was TFL. Northern Rock should have been ok but it looked a bit bland and as history proved was hopelessly mismanaged to the detriment of its North Eastern shareholders.
        Virgin at least has some connection becoming the eventual owners of whats left of NR…..

        Personally I prefer retro shirts with the S&N logos or those from pre-shirt sponsorship days.
        If people wanna spend money on shirts to help the club… there’s plenty canny t shirts and polo shirts without some debtmonger’s logo on the front.


  2. Himanshu Dhingra // May 18, 2013 at 12:38 pm // Reply

    They look awful, something a cave man would be happy with

    • How are they worse than Banks or casinos or betting firms?

      • In reality prob not much
        But the perception if wonga
        Is shocking
        If that’s the case why don’t
        Clubs have tampax on there shirts
        That’s why
        We will be a laughing stock
        And if u can’t see that
        What can I say
        Shirt sales will say it all
        Ashley go to the casino
        With your minders
        You horrible little man

      • Not much…. one could argue that individuals who gamble, do so by choice. Banks are part of the world’s debtmongering problem – so likewise I wouldnt personally wear a shirt emblazoned with a black horse or whatever.
        Newcastle’s sponsors target those in dire need of cash – those I suggest that can least afford to exchange rates of 2000% + – now you could say that they have a choice too… and you’d be right.

        I’m encouraging people to vote with their money and buy shirts with something to do with Newcastle’s heritage. I also respect their right to buy a shirt with Newcastle’s chosen sponsor.

        I believe in the freedom for each to choose for themselves.

      • ps I suggest tampax provide a much more beneficial service to humanity.
        Yes such a logo would be outside the norms of what you’d expect on a ‘tough guys’ footy shirt. Personally I would prefer it over and above the chosen sponsor.

      • oops I meant ‘interest rates’

  3. Quite like it

  4. Iain Graham // May 18, 2013 at 8:35 pm // Reply

    compared to this seasons that is brutal. The away top is like a training top and they just look cheap s#it£. Don’t have a problem with the sponsor just the shirts. hopefully look better in the flesh

  5. What a joke
    Ashley and his subservient s have no idea
    What they have done
    Wonga is a joke
    Probably the worst sponser ever
    Laughing stock
    Shirt sales will be abysmal
    How has this idiot ever made money
    Must have sold his soul to the devil
    Away fans will have a field day
    Ashley out
    Pardew out
    Go to the casino
    You clowns
    You have disgraced the name of
    Newcastle united

  6. Forgot to mention
    Pardew lied when he said he was offered the
    Nufc job only 2hours before hughton was
    In 2hours he managed to agree a contract
    Which in his own words
    Gave nufc stability
    You can’t get your financial advisors
    Accountants lawyers need I day more
    To sort things out in 2 days never mind
    2 hours
    Pardew has no right to manage
    One of the biggest clubs in the world
    The man is a opportunistic excuses
    Liar who’s record in management
    Gives him no right to manage
    In my opinion
    One of the biggest clubs in the world
    Cockney mafia go home
    To where you belong
    The slums of lindon

  7. A premonition of wonga…
    as the football season’s ower like…

  8. It’s black and white and it has the crest on it. It could be worse we could’ve been sponsored by BidVest

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