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We need a pioneer, not Joe Kinnear

It’s been revealed that Joe Kinnear has been appointed as Newcastle United’s new director of football. It is seemingly a baffling decision and like so many on Twitter and Facebook I’m struggling to fathom why he has been appointed and what he can bring to this football club in this capacity. 

The Irishman has history with the club having infamously taken over the job after Kevin Keegan departed the club at the start of the 2009/2009 season.

It lit the flame that saw our club melt and succumb to relegation. I try to find positives from Kinnear’s stint and the only ones I can find are that he signed two derby heroes in Kevin Nolan and Ryan Taylor as well as Peter Lovenkrands who along with Kevin Nolan played a huge role in securing Premier League football once more.

Perhaps the most telling moment of Kinnear’s first spell was the derby defeat to the hands of Kieron Richardson. Wearsiders have not let Tynesiders forget that day and I’m sure Kinnear has not forgotten this either. Kinnear may feel that he has unfinished business with the club as his spell in charge came to an abrupt end when he had a heart attack before the game vs West Brom which Newcastle went on to win.

Newcastle also have history with people in the position of ‘director of football.’ Dennis Wise has not been forgiven since his disastrous stint in the hot seat. The fall out from the Keegan saga left all parties with bad press including Dennis Wise. He was condemned by fans and pundits alike. The late Sir Bobby Robson publically criticised him and his signings labelling them ‘second rate signings’.

Logistically, financially and from an outside perspective the move makes very little sense. It’s a further recipe for disaster and not what is needed at the current time. If the club needs valuable opinion on who should stay and who should go then there should be one source for this: the fans of Newcastle United.

A quick conversation with 5 Newcastle fans could tell you who they think is under-performing or lacking in passion. A quick conversation with another 5 Newcastle fans could tell you who they think are realistic targets who could further improve their beloved football club. This is purely hypothetical of course but the point still stands. Why?

If Newcastle were to have a credible director of football then what is needed is a figurehead for the club who has influence in the sport and with the fans.

Or in my view you take a chance on somebody. Somebody with the bottle to try something new in the sport, to take a chance and attempt to improve the club using innovative ideas. What we certainly don’t want is Joe Kinnear.

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