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Newcastle linked to Hammers midfielder

Matty Taylor

Over the past few weeks, the club has been linked to an array of young talent from across Europe (albeit mainly from France) as areas within the squad still smack of fragility.

However, one rumour which has caught the eye on social media site Twitter is the supposed imminent move of West Ham’s Matty Taylor to St James’ Park.

It’s fair to say I was taken aback by such news circulating on the Internet. Taylor, limited to cameos from the bench for the London club last season, is 31 years old and is evidently far from recapturing the form which saw him net 18 goals in two Premier League seasons for Bolton Wanderers.

The left midfielder appears no longer capable of performing at the level required to stay competitive in the EPL, and certainly isn’t good enough to challenge for a place in the starting XI.

If the rumour is true, the only explanation would be the Magpies’ intentions to add depth to the squad, accompanied by a prolonged desire to manage finances carefully. But even then, I’m confident that the scouting team would be able to find a player of higher quality for the right price to help patch up the squad. Besides, isn’t the club adopting a focus on youngsters to fulfil the role of back-up brigade?

It’s difficult to come to many conclusions with this one, for the story could have no substance whatsoever. However, what it could suggest, if the rumour gained momentum, is the continued uneasy activity going on behind the scenes at Newcastle, especially unnerving following Kinnear’s appointment.

In this instant, I can’t accuse Mike Ashley of any scheming of any sorts, but the theory that frustrating Pardew in order to shake off the bane of a huge compensation package refuses to go away. Then again, perhaps I’m making a ridiculous link between a handful of Tweets and the running of Newcastle United.

I’d be curious to know how you would all react to Taylor signing for the club, and whether you feel such a move would be out of the hands of Pardew and Carr. Admittedly, I think such a signing would show a monumental lack of ambition no matter who brought it to fruition.

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2 Comments on Newcastle linked to Hammers midfielder

  1. Please take him off our hands. He can’t tackle, runs in slow motion, can’t head the ball and the famous left foot has disappeared.

  2. I’ll run him up there for nothing and give 6 Geordies a free lift back to London (7 if you take Nolan back too)

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