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Newcastle United to take Legal Action

NUFC's official twitter account tweeted this earlier "The club is aware of the article in today's Independent and has referred the matter to its lawyers. Thanks to fans who have raised concerns"

This is in regards to an article written by Jim Armitage regarding the ins and outs of the football club and whether Ashley was the best owner in the league.

However what has angered Newcastle United fans is his allusion to the fact that Newcastle United fans had sung anti-semitic chants aimed at Mike Ashley. This is absurd. For starters, Mike Ashley isn’t even jewish. Where does this astonishing claim even originate? Is it because Ashley supports Tottenham Hotspur and this journalist has put two and two together?

I, like many can deny that we’ve never heard any chants of that sort. Why would we? It’d cause more harm than good and would only create bad press for a club we love so dearly.

This summer has been difficult so far for Newcastle fans with the lack of signings, the recovery period from last season as well as the Kinnear and Cisse fiasco.

I’m glad the club has taken action if not only to restore some sort of faith that the club isn’t entirely useless. Lazy journalism is at its highest in the summer without regular football but a blatant lie that could provoke a backlash is just unacceptable. Well done NUFC.

3 Comments on Newcastle United to take Legal Action

  1. There is not even a suggestion of anti-Semitic chanting in the article, what are you talking about?

    • It was later taken out of the article due to the paper realising the anti-semitic claim was a complete fabrication.

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