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Engineers Produce League Table Prediction… and it’s good for Newcastle

The statisticians at Bloomberg Sports have crunched some numbers into their super computer and come up with a predicted 2013/14 Premier League table, which makes good reading for Newcastle fans. 

Bloomberg Sports (BSports), the world’s leaders in sports analytic technology, today unveiled its first ever end of season projections for the Barclays Premier League.

Forecasting the league finish of every team in the league, the projections are uniquely data-driven and take into account previous years of performance for each club, supplemented by the additional value that each club gained from the transfer window.

In spite of several harsh predicitons on Newcastle’s fate this season, most notably coming from The Mirror‘s Martin Lipton and Oliver Holt, the Chief sports writer, who asserts the Toon are forecasted to finish in 18th position, Bloomberg feel Newcastle will find more success.

The Method: Using their defensive and attacking attribute ranking database, based on previous season statistics, they simulate team performances, also taking into account managerial changes.

 Once each team is given its Bloomberg Sports distinctive rating, they simulate each match of the season 10,000 times in order to provide an accurate projection for how each team will finish. The simulation eliminates ambiguity in the league table, and provides an accurate projection as a result of its large sample size.

Of course, it’s only a predication, but it’s the best and most accurate prediction out there. The  fact that Sunderland finish 15th suggests there is a certain amount of accuracy behind the numbers.

It makes for much more reassuring reading than the rubbish Oliver Holt is churning out. 

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4 Comments on Engineers Produce League Table Prediction… and it’s good for Newcastle

  1. Indian Magpie // August 8, 2013 at 11:02 am // Reply

    Would I be too greedy to think we can do really better than 8th. Of course under a Manager who does not want Europe.

  2. Dont disagree though the way I feel right now it seams a bit optimistic

  3. Why would Newcastle finish that high up the table? What makes them better than the team that finished like a championship club last season.

    • That makes about as much sense as them finishing 17th after finishing 5th the year before. Who knows with Newcastle.

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