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Cabaye??? Buy! Buy! Buy!

I can't believe how isolated journos are from reality.  Cabaye for 10 mill? Don't make me laff.

That wouldn’t buy the toes of his weakest foot.

Look back in history.

Ashley = profit.

Carroll = £35M…. we all cried “no no no….”. In hindsight a shrewd move, as would picking up at half the fee …. Ne’r mind.

I don’t reckon Ashley will sell Cabaye for 1 cent less than £25M and maybe £30M. Why should he? (p.s. If I’m wrong, lambast me)

Wage-wise Cabaye costs us what? £3M/yr which is cheap for a world class player.

A year from now, he still has two years to run on his contract. He’ll be coming to the peak of his career… he doesna drink much, he keeps himself fit, mentally he’s fairly steady…. he’s worth £30M in a year, even if Newcastle don’t do that well.

He signed a contract, not undying love. Let him stick to it. Hey, compared to the cost of Bale, Cabaye even at £15M per year (aggregate) for the next three years of his contract is good business.

He will play well enough. Top performers have enough self motivation to do that.

So dream on Arsenal and PSG…

Howay the Lads
Paul C Burr

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