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Could this Ghanaian Star Reignite Newcastle?

With the end of the transfer window fast approaching, the Club is yet to make a permanent signing this Summer despite a drab start to the season, which would suggest a substantial amount of business still needs to be done.

A dire display against Manchester City followed by a desperate 0-0 draw against West Ham, accompanied by Cabaye’s possible departure, have highlighted the need for strengthening in nearly all areas of the squad. However, concrete rumours have been at a premium recently, and at this stage in the window, clubs are unlikely to sell at an agreeable price. It already seems that any improvement made to the side by 2 September will be minimal at best.

With that in mind, rumours that Marseille’s Andre Ayew could be on his way to St James’ Park can be looked at in two contrasting ways.

On the one hand, this could be seen as a story formulated by attention-seeking journalism which, nowadays, is spiralling out of control. The Ghanaian winger has established himself as an integral part of OM’s attacking line, suggesting that the Ligue 1 outfit are unlikely to let him go with such little time to find a worthy replacement. One must also consider Ayew’s tender age of 23, confirming him as a player with a lot of potential – and perhaps too much for Newcastle’s spending power (which remains obscure).

However, various tabloids at home and abroad seem convinced that a bid has already been made for the winger, indicating that a move could be on the cards. Nevertheless, there have been no comments from any individuals from either of the two parties – perhaps this is one of those bids that’ll disappear into think air once the Club are linked to the next lucky devil.

Though it is very early days, and football fans are prone to chronic pessimism, I do fear that this could be a long hard season for Newcastle. More should have been done in the transfer window at this stage, and yet it seems we are set to regress if Cabaye is to leave. And of course, theories about the relationship between Ashley, Pardew and Kinnear refuse to die down.

Apathy is a dangerous thing in football, and it’s fair to say various members of the squad seem to already be veering towards it. The best way to prevent such a plummet is bringing in fresh faces to kick back into gear, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

What do you think?

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