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Joey Barton to Study Philosophy at University

With just 140 characters, Barton has the power to piss off more people than Piers Morgan. Imagine what he can do in the designated 4000 characters of a personal statement.

Part time-footballer, part-time intellectual, Joey Barton, has just enrolled at the London-based University of Roehampton to study Philosophy.

The former Toon midfielder, who is currently plying his trade in the Championship with QPR, has finally decided to test the so-far untapped resource that is his brain, in an attempt to get a University degree.

Barton, who left school with ten GCSEs, had this to say on Twitter this morning:

His 2,317,114 Twiter followers will be accustomed to his wise offerings and commentaries on the world.

I can’t help but think how he’s managed to rue the admissions board at this University. Despite being a self-proclaimed genius, he hasn’t always transposed his philosophical knowledge into logic, or temperament.

In 2004, he supposedly stubbed a lit cigar in Jamie Tandy’s eye, while in 2007, he eye-gouged Manchester City teammate, Ousmane Dabo, leaving the latter with a detached retina. In his time, he has also been known for attacking a 15 year-old boy Thai boy, attacking Sergio Aguero in THAT match on the final day of the 2011-12 season, and a 77-day prison stint.

It’s interesting to see that despite his heavy airs of grandeur, and a tendency to be patronizing when he has little going for himself, he’s finally testing his knowledge through this course. I’m just surprised he’s not taking up a course in French Literature. He seems to have grasped the accent exquisitely here:

Let’s hope he has a fun time at Freshers and I can’t wait for some more musings on his favourite philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, in the near future. 

You can keep up to date with his wise offerings on his Twitter account

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