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Newcastle Would Sit Bottom of the League if…

I came across this table today on Facebook, which depicts how the Premier League would look if only goals by English players were counted this season - and Newcastle were rock-bottom.

A lot has been made of the french contingent at Newcastle, and as usual, the media have done as much as they can to emphasise the lack of homegrown-talent fielded by the club. Even Rio Ferdinand has for some reason jumped on the bandwagon and branded the club a “disgrace” for the foreign majority making up the starting eleven. 

Newcastle were also one of the clubs criticised by Football Association chairman Greg Dyke when he outlined the problems facing the England national team at the beginning of the season.

And the statistics now seem to consolidate this idea with the Opta stats’ version of how the Premier League table would look if only goals scored by English players were counted. 

The statistics point out the tragic reality that Newcastle would not have picked up a win in the 28 games so far this season, and would have drawn 20 times. 

However, the most damning of all the statistics provided by this table is that not a single goal has been scored by an English player this season.

Newcastle currently have six English players in the first-team squad – Rob Elliot, Ryan Taylor, Steven Taylor, Mike Williamson, Gael Bigirmana and Sammy Ameobi. 

I think the most telling implication of this franco-dominated squad, was dispalyed in Newcastle’s 3-0 capitulation at Sunderland, where the players seemed to lack any passion and pride, which would perhaps have permeated through had more English lads – specifially from the north-eastern –  been playing. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Liverpool would sit top of the league unbeaten, winning 17 and drawing 11 games. Elsewhere,  the scum would sit mid-table in 10th position. 

Though it’s not good reading for Newcastle fans, ultimately does it matter? 

Let us know what you think.


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5 Comments on Newcastle Would Sit Bottom of the League if…

  1. Yet more totally irrelevant statistics getting banded about. We could show a league table which depicted the league only based on players scoring from papua new guinea which would show every club on zero points.

    I would love to see Newcastle have more English players in their side if possible but at the end of the day we are not breaking any rules and are not alone in having a large amount of foreign players.

    As long as a player is good enough and puts the effort in I don’t care where he is from.

  2. Paul Dummett

    Born: September 26, 1991 (age 22), Newcastle upon Tyne

  3. And Man City would also get relegated.

    Disgraceful those Sky blues.

    Find something meaningful to spout.

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