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#PardewForPalace Goes Viral


Even before the Premier League season has begun, the top flight has seen its first managerial casualty of the campaign with Tony Pulis dramatically walking out on Crystal Palace after a row over transfer policy.


Less than 48 hours before Palace start their season at Arsenal, Pulis, whose appointment last November triggered a remarkable run from likely relegation to comfortable survival, departed the club.

Following the Pulis resignation, many Newcastle fans on Twitter proceeded to give airtime to the #PardewForPalace hashtag.

Palace chairman Steve Parish has in the past publicly stated that he would prefer to hire a manager with links to the club. This fueled rumours in October 2013 following Ian Holloway’s departure from the club that Pardew was set to take over. It was Tony Pulis, however, that filled the vacant position.

Pardew, 52, played 130 games for the club and famously scored the last-minute goal that beat Liverpool in the 1990 FA Cup semi-finals. He still has a house in Surrey as well.

Anyway, here are the best (or the worst, depending on how you look at it) of the tweets:


Some fans, however, stood against this wave of mutual hatred of Pardew. One user, by the name of Jamie Common tweeted this:

Considering that it is so unlikely that Pardew would leave Newcastle so close to the start of the season, it does appear that campaigns such as these are only likely to cause even more (who knew it) tension within the Newcastle fanbase.

The club have had a wonderfully productive transfer window, bringing in 9 fresh faces, and though Pardew’s involvement in the dealings wouldn’t have been as significant as those in positions higher up (namely, Lee Charnley), he has done well this Summer – we’ve played well in pre-season.

Twitter campaigns such as these can only be regarded as counter-productive, especially considering the Premier League kicks off in just a day’s time. I, for one, do not think that these Twitter campaigns do any good for the side. It breeds an atmosphere of pessimism and cynicism, and quite frankly I am absolutely fed up of all that.

Pardew needs to be judged on his own merits, and he now finally has a full squad that can make waves in the league. This is the first time in a long while that I have been delighted with the depth of quality in our squad. So, let’s give the man a bloody chance, and take it from there.

With such a heavy outlay invested in the club this Summer, it will be obvious if Pardew does perform below expectations. And hopefully, Ashley would have the sense to do something about it, if that scenario does arise.

Until then, let’s get behind the team.

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4 Comments on #PardewForPalace Goes Viral

  1. Im sick of of all the anti pardew and Ashley comments as well I wish people would just support the team and get behind them, its becoming boring.

    the mag should be retitled ” Moans and groans”

    we used to have a reputation as the most loyal and loudest fans now most people think of us as whingers and rightly so in quite a few cases, there are people wetting themselves and writing to complain about the colour of a third strip, honestly just forget about going to the match and Newcastle and find a new hobby or your going to give yourselves an ulcer

    look at our record over the last 70 years and see if we really are in the worst position the club has ever been in, I don’t think so,

    its going to rain later …. Ashley out pardew out it never used to rain before they came

  2. Talk about missing the point. if you really wanted the best for NUFC you would want Pardew out of the club asap, if not sooner. The man defines the words average and mediocre and the last time I looked football was an entertainment. Not the case under Pardew. So it’s 2 days before city, the world will hardly end if he left now. The players have looked bewildered and confused under Pardew for the last 18 months. Fear of what could be possibly even worse is not a good enough reason to keep someone who is clearly failing in their job.

  3. As bad and reviled as Pardew is though, at least he’s not Pulis – let him get a job before Pardew goes or we might end up with him here…

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