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A View from Africa – Alan Pardew Departure

By Bisrat Hailu

Here at The Spectator’s View, we encourage guest articles from all over the globe. This week, life-long Ethiopian fan, Bisrat Hailu, has written something on his impressions of Alan Pardew’s recent departure.  Feel free to comment underneith.

Newcastle United! Not a team for the faint hearted is it? If you are suffering from the mildest case of diabetes, blood pressure or prone to the odd heart attack –do steer clear of St. James’s park, it’s just not for you. I’ve never been a fan of soap operas, but in hindsight and considering that I’ve been a magpie fan for the best part of my twenty seven years, I’m beginning to think otherwise.

December and January are not the fondest months of the year for Newcastle fans, esp. in recent years. An unflattering boxing day record coupled with the fear of our best players departing adds to the chill of an already freezing winter for those in the temperate zone. The sale of Andy Carroll(though not many begrudge the deal given the amount of quid the club pocketed and the next to dismal record of our once beloved Geordie at the ‘pools), the sale of Yohan cabaye which resulted in the spiraling down the drain of a once promising season. And just when you thought the drama won’t sustain another twist, the manager decides to pack up and leave.

Alan Pardew has always been a divisive figure starting from the day he replaced crowd favorite Chris Hughton. Although he brought NUFC within a sniffing distance of the Champions League, he has never been fully accepted by the St. James faithful. The crowd was always quick to turn on him be it due to his player selections, formations, counter attacking style and last but not least, his abysmal derby record.

And the unhappy marriage seemed to be destined for divorce when Newcastle failed to kick start their season after picking up a measly four points from seven games. But Pardew weathered the storm and righted the ship with the club now sitting nicely in 9th place. The season, if not particular looked destined to be a stable one, but mates, this is Newcastle united, we have never been known to do things the easy way. Only half way into the season, when all eyes were fixated on Sissoko’s possible departure(some might prefer the word ‘imminent’), our manager decides to jump ship.

As a fan I’m absolutely miffed about the strategy of the board. Since the dawn of the Mike Ashley era , it has long been established that we have become a selling/feeder club, for those who begged to differ, I guess this is confirmation that even the blade of grass on our blessed pitch has a price tag slapped on it. This is not to say I completely disapprove of Pardew’s departure, but to have let him a leave at such a crucial time in the season puts the resolve of even the truest of fans to the test.

But hey! We are Newcastle United! we dare to dream, we dare to believe, and one day we shall be rewarded!!!

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