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Shocking Photo: Newcastle United Memorabilia Found Dumped Outside St. James Park

Yesterday afternoon, prior to the Liverpool-Newcastle game, an unsuspecting Newcastle fan, Ian Morris (@bigmozza33), stumbled across this unsightly act of fly-tipping while walking past the St. James’ Park.

As of yet, it is unconfirmed just who these framed Newcastle United team photos belong to, but considering the fact they have been dumped into the skips just outside the ground ‘next to the East Stand’, one has to presume that it is the doing of club staff.

Why they’ve been thrown out is another question altogether. Indeed, they may well have a warchest of memorabilia stacked away in the basements of SJP. Nonetheless, for these photos, which seem to be in decent nick, to be thrown out in such a slapdash way is incredibly negligent, and shows a serious lack of class on the part of the club.

One would have thought they could have found far better use of them – perhaps auctioning them off for charity,  or maybe donating them to barbers and bar-owners throughout the city, for example.

As of late, fans have been scrambling for all kinds of reminiscent distraction from the woes the club currently finds itself in – and you would have thought they could have raised a fair bit of money from these relics in aid of a good cause.

At the end of the day though, I guess they just needed some clearing space for all the new Sports Direct Branding that Mike Ashley keeps insisting on bandaging our club with.

This needs to be followed up. Because if this IS the doing of the club, it is an utter disgrace.

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3 Comments on Shocking Photo: Newcastle United Memorabilia Found Dumped Outside St. James Park

  1. Himanshu Dhingra // April 14, 2015 at 10:16 am // Reply

    The Photos have decided to boycott.

  2. Terrible.. The club is in tatters.

  3. Its probably more likely that this is from a disappointed fan that wants to make a point by dumping memorabilia next to the club…not the club doing it themselves.

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