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We’re still relatively new, but the website has already been attracting a lot of interest from eager Newcastle United fans, just like you. So we do offer a good platform for your work. And as we expand so do the numbers of people that will view your articles. We’re hoping to get 10,000-15,000 visitors a day by the end of the summer, but to get there we need to expand the website. That’s a little something on our short-term goals and, with your help that could be where we’re heading.

To get there of course, we need regular content, hence the need for writers. We are effectively a Newcastle United blogging website, willing to accept articles on any angle, so long as it meets a certain standard. We’re looking to develop a reputation for quality and not to merely regurgitate news stories or transfer rumours. We value unique, opinion pieces that make us stand out from other footballing sites.

We’re looking for keen, able writers who can contribute a minimum of two articles a week. We’re willing to give them a free role (let them source their own stories) or set the agenda for them by giving them topics or headlines to write around. We’re here to offer you support and hopefully help you develop as a writer. We can’t offer any pay at the moment, though we will push any perks we receive (tickets, sponsored events, etc) onto our regular contributors.

If you think you’d like to get involved please do feel free to send me a trial 400-700 word article on any topic/event in the footballing world. If you need inspiration check out for the kind of articles we publish.

Overall it’s about having fun and expressing your views on a platform which can be viewed by thousands of fans just like you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch,
-Harry (Editor of The Spectator’s View)

If you are interested in joining the team or even just to contribute a guest article, you can e-mail us at

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